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The Disturbed Sarcophagus is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 21.6.0 update. It is part of the "Cursed Pharaoh" Set that includes: Pharaoh III Breath, Disturbed Sarcophagus, and the Royal Cobra Spirit.


The Disturbed Sarcophagus is an Egyptian Themed weapon, appearing to be a Sarcophagus. It has a low mobility, average fire rate, and good damage. It is/was obtainable in the Egyptian Season Traders van.


It appears to be a golden Sarcophagus that is slung over the user shoulder. It ejects glowing balls from where the Sarcophagus’s head is, ejecting them through 3 little claws.


It has 3 different Random Rockets, a Mine, a piercing shot rocket, and a Ricochet Bomb. Due to this, tight maps are recommended.


Use a Melee when traveling around because of its low mobility. It’s fixed delay means you can not Three Category Spam with it, and it’s low capacity means you should be careful with your shots.


  • The mine is good in open spaces, but since it doesn’t have rocket jump make sure it is possible for you to escape from any oncoming attackers.


  • Use a high mobility Melee to catch up to them.
  • Since Disturbed Sarcophagus has travel time, swerve around to avoid being hit.

Equipment Setups

Use Leader's Drum for boosted damage, and Astral Wand to make up for its mobility.


  • Initial release.


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