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A photo of the current looking enemy.

The Double Headed Parallel Zombie is an uncommon enemy in Parallel World.


Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 24Heart new 4Heart new Slow
Medium 27Heart new 7-8Heart new Slow
Fast 30Heart new 11Heart new Slow


It has a rocky form with dashes of a bloody shaded red, here and there, with 3 red eyes on the big head, and 2 red ones on the smaller head, and the 2 deformed heads. It looks fairly familiar to the Double Headed Zombie but more like a Parallel World version of the double-headed zombie.


It will slowly try to come in contact with you, walking around any obstacles.



  • Although it's health has significantly been boosted, you can still simply counter it just like the regular Double Headed Zombie.
  • Aim for its head for best results,as you can deal more damage.
  • Try to use high Damage Per Second automatics to chip away it's HP rapidly.
  • A high damage per shot weapon like Anti Champion Rifle also works well.


  • This, along with everything else associated with the Parallel World stage used to resemble The End dimension from Minecraft. This was changed to due the Pixel Gun Company's copyright issues with Mojang.
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