Double-Headed Snowman

The Double-Headed Snowman is an enemy that can be found in the Winter Island level of Campaign.


It appears to be a mutated snowman with two disproportionately affixed heads. It's upper half, including its heads and arms seem to be made of pumpkins. Orange stripes can be seen on its arms. Its lower half is made of snow. On its front, there are three black buttons.


It will wander around in a small area of the map until it detects the player, at which point it will slowly hobble towards you. When it comes in very close contact with the player, it will strike using one of its arms, dealing moderate damage.


Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 18 Heart new 3 Heart new Slow
Medium 20 Heart new 3 - 4 Heart new Slow
Hard 22 Heart new 5 Heart new Slow


  • It doesn't have very good obstacle maneuvering abilities, so you can trap or delay it within structures in the map.
    • You can then use a powerful rocket launcher or shotgun such as the Predator to kill it quickly.
  • Snipe them from afar using an accurate Sniper weapon.
  • If you see a large group of these monsters, use a weapon or gadget with the Gravitational Force attribute, such as the Eraser or Singular Grenade, to draw them to one spot, then you can easily kill them with an area damage or cluster bomb weapon.
  • They can also be slowed with weapons such as the Proton Freezer, or gadgets such as the Blizzard Generator or Sticky Candy.
  • It is possible to jump on top of them and kill them without them being able to deal damage to you, but be careful not to fall off.
  • Use the Jetpack or Rocket Jump onto a tree or other structure and attack them where they cannot reach you.
  • Keep watch behind walls or inside tunnels, these mobs often attack by surprise.
  • You can easily outrun these enemies with any Melee weapon



  • The appearance resembles that of a 'Minecraft' Snow Golem, but with a pair of heads.
  • This mob is similar to a Double Headed Zombie, but Winter themed.
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