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This content is exclusive to Pixel Gun World. It isn't in Pixel Gun 3D!
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The Dragon Cannon is a Heavy weapon that is exclusive to Pixel Gun World. It can only be obtained through the Bingo Chest or by buying it during the Kung Fu Weapons! event.


The Dragon Cannon, as the name suggests, is a dragon frame with the barrel being the mouth. It is a golden dragon, with steel gun parts showing.


The Dragon Cannon is a very skillful weapon, with both ricochet and area damage.


  • Use the ricochet for maximum effect. The rocket can bounce off of a wall, surprising enemies from behind and making it hard to evade.


  • The Dragon Cannon has a slow fire rate. If you get a fast firing gun, you can probably win.


No upgrades


Kung-Fu themed.

Recommended Maps

Find a map with narrow halls, so you can land direct hits and ricochet hits.


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