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A 12-bullets magazine, a laser and an optical sights, and improved recoil for some comfortable shooting. Usually scouts have one of these weapons on the mission, but we are super-agents, right?

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Dual Hawks are a Backup weapons introduced in the 10.0.0 update.


It appears to be a pair of mainly gray pistols that shoot regular bullets and possess each one a scope. These pistols deal great damage, have a high rate of fire, decent capacity, and high mobility.


The weapons have gray and yellow grips, silver and red slides, yellow triggers, along with optics and laser sights. They have red and yellow circles around the middle of their barrels.


It is a dual-wield weapon in which each hand carries a replica. The pistols shoot one-by-one, this means that the right-hand pistol shoots first, then the left-hand pistol next, then the right-hand pistol shoots again and so on. The bullets in these weapons are regular bullets with instant bullet travel time. Moreover, the 4x scope can be used for better accuracy and longer-ranged attacks.

When reloading, the player simultaneously takes out the magazines of both pistols and drags the pistol down enough to be reloaded off-screen, then they come back up. It has no delay mechanics.



  • These weapons are good weapons for staying in the field, with a decent fire rate and a good ammo capacity.
  • This weapon loses accuracy when fired continuously. Try using the sights to counter this, or fire in 2-3 round bursts.
  • Useful for tearing down enemy armor.
  • This weapon offers a high degree of shots to stay mobile with. Use this advantage to chase down opponents who are retreating.
  • You could use this weapon to either weaken or finish enemy players off, due to it having high ammo and the ability to deal high damage.
  • You can treat this as a Primary or/and a makeshift Sniper weapon.
  • Aim at the head for maximum DPS.
  • Pair this with Cowboy Hat, max Hitman Mask and Bandolier for faster reload.
  • This weapon can be use for Three Category Spam since it doesn't have any delay mechanics


  • Avoid close contact with users. The high damage combined with the ammunition capacity and mobility makes this weapon makes it lethal at such a distance.
  • In a direct dogfight, a superior fire rate weapon tends to force the entity to lose their control.
  • Try duck to cover when the user reloads, but try to avoid being caught at closer ranges when he/she finishes. The user may also switch to a secondary weapon.
  • Pickoff its users from long ranges - using the 4x scope can help.
  • Using Dual Hawks yourself can be effective when countering him/her.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • The Dual Hawks are considered to be mid-range weapons. When the enemy approaches, attack with a Melee weapon.
  • A high fire rate weapon for the counter-ambush tactic.



  • The Dual Hawks is released.


  • Its firing sound effect was modified.


  • Its Power was nerfed from 3 headshots to a 5 headshots kill.


  • Insignificant Efficiency nerf to taking 6 headshots kill.


  • A glitch was fixed where it made the weapon 3-4 headshots kill.


  • It was removed from the Armory.


  • This weapon could now damage the speaker of the player's device. So it is advised to lower the volume.


  • It got a 6% damage buff.


  • This weapon was added back to the Armory along with other weapons, then it was removed again.


  • The Armory & Gallery Icon was Changed to be Identical to Golden Eagles.


  • This is the first dual-wield weapon with a scope.
    • Though, dual-wield weapons having a scope is technically impractical since the player would have to either use only one scope or somehow squeeze both scopes. In this case, the animation shows that the scope of the right-hand pistol is the scope that is being used, but both pistols shoot from the same scope.
  • This is based on the IMI Desert Eagle with a compensator, a reflex sight, and a laser sight.
  • In real life it would be impossible to aim down sights while wielding two weapons, instead, you would need the assistance of a laser sight.
  • They act as a more 'elite' version of the Dual Revolvers, boasting a higher Efficiency, flashier design, a 4x scope, and a higher weapon grade.
    • However, the Dual Revolvers hold the accuracy and fire rate advantage over the Hawks, as they fire slightly faster and the bloom of the Revolvers do not spread out after continuous fire as much as the Hawks' bloom does.
    • The moderate inaccuracy and lower fire rate are the trade-offs to prevent wielders from overpowering.
  • It takes approximately eight seconds to deplete its magazines.
  • Nowadays, it is 3 headshots kill against Polygon dummies.
    • When testing against actual player, it takes one more headshot.


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