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UZI in each hand means... That you won't hit a single enemy. But you will definitely impress everyone with this yellow-red skin design! We hope they match your boots.

—Dual Uzi's description in the Gallery

The Dual Uzi is a Primary weapon introduced in the 10.0.0 update.


It is a pair of gray and yellow submachine gun that shoots regular bullets automatically. It has average damage, a high fire rate, good capacity, and low mobility.


The weapon is a pair of dark Uzis with yellow paint on its receiver and top cover, with red iron sights and 3 vertical stripes near its open bolt. It seems to have yellow ammo clips. The holders of the clips are jet black and have two white spots on them.


This weapon is a dual-wield weapon, so the player holds each replica in each hand. The player shoots these Uzis almost simultaneously. These Uzis shoot regular bullets automatically with instant bullet travel time. It has no additional properties.

When reloading, the player takes out the magazines of the Uzis and does the rest of the reload animation off-screen. It has no delay mechanics.



  • This does not have a scope, it's advised to get a close-medium range of your target.
  • The Dual Uzi carries a lot of ammo with reasonable damage, meaning you can miss a lot of shots and still get a kill. This makes it a good combo with the Jetpack. Still, you should try to keep your shots count, since wasting ammo will be detrimental.
  • Use this weapon to weaken/finish off targets.
    • Target weakened opponents or/and aim at the head for better ammunition conserving or/and less intense duel.


  • Take advantage of the weapon's low mobility to sneak up on its users with a melee weapon or flamethrower.
  • Try to pick off its users from long ranges or with area damage weapons.
  • Any one-shot kill weapons can easily do the trick.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

This weapon is very effective when used in a setup with the Freeze Ray Rifle. The range and mobility of the Freeze Ray Rifle coupled with the Dual Uzi's power will be useful in any situation.



  • Added to game


  • This weapon is removed from the Armory



added back in the armary


  • When wielded, it somehow makes your character's arms appear much darker.
  • It is one of the dual-wield weapons, the others being the Dual Machine Guns, Dual Hawks, Dual Revolvers, Dual Laser Blasters, and more.
  • The reloading animation of this gun is the same as the Dual Hawks.
  • The firing sound of the Uzi-Uzi is different from the Dual Uzi despite them using similar models and names.
  • It is one of the 3 Uzi-based weapons in the game, the others being Uzi-Uzi and Social Uzi

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