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This content is available in both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World! If this is a game content, its counterpart is described in another article!
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This article describes a Pixel Gun 3D mode. If you are looking for the same mode in Pixel Gun World, see Duel (PGW).

One on one combat. The player with the most kills within the time limit wins.

—Mode Rules

Duel is a mode added in the 11.0.0 update. It pits two players against each other until one wins by their total kills and/or score.

How to Play

Duel is similar to Deathmatch, however, only two players fight one another, you get to see what your opponent looks like, the amount of tags s/he has, you can bet chests, and you can't access the Armory while fighting.

The goal of the game is to get the highest amount of kills in a two-minute time limit.

The player with the most kills is considered the winner, however, if you have the same number of kills, the person with the more points wins. The two players then have the option to have a rematch, find a new match, or quit. In the 18.0.0 update you can only find a new match.

If an event is going on, the two players can bet on chests from the event. The winner will receive the chest for free. However, this feature was removed in the 18.0.0 update, but it was later brought back in 18.1.0.


  • Do not EWO (Easy way Out) unless the match has not had any kills yet. Doing this will make you lose 50 points and 1 kill, however if you have no points or kills this will not happen, as you have no points to lose.
  • Use the Reflector (Gadget) and modules on your melee that create the Energy Shield. For this, use the Energy Elemental module, the Astral Blade, and the Alloy.
  • Do not equip pets. As pets are one shots with the most commonly used weapons in the current meta, all they do is reveal your location and give your enemy 5 extra points (assuming they hit the pet).
  • If you know how, do 3 Cat Spam. This kills your enemy quickly and as it can be annoying to play against, many players leave when put up against a 3 catter.


  • If the enemy is using high damage weapons, use a healing weapon like the Heroic Epee or the Cuthulu Legacy to heal yourself right after the enemy is killed.
  • Use the Sly Wolf in a pinch to block shots.
  • You can hide if you need to, however if you are going to do this unequip your pet as they commonly reveal your location. Make sure to still be alert while doing this, as the enemy can easily catch you off guard.

Duel Maps


  • The mode may be a substitute for the removal of match customization, as the number of players allowed is always set to the max amount of players.
  • The Armory is disabled, preventing users from changing their weapons in-game.
  • The maps Night Pool and Space Arena are exclusive to this gamemode.
  • This mode was at first exclusive to Pixel Gun World but removed due to the lack of players.
  • If you can still set 2 people per match in Deathmatch, then there would be no point adding this mode.
  • If a player quits by closing the app, or leaves the match by any other means, the timer will stop and if the player doesn't reconnect in time, the 'opponent left' message will appear, resulting in the leading player receiving no reward.
    • However, in the 11.2.0 update, the leading player will get the reward as usual, and when the quitting player re-enters the app, its trophies will reduce by 8, however, if the player leaves by other means (e.g. the game crashed, lost connection) they will not be penalized.
    • This was again changed in the 12.2.0 update, where the match just ends whenever a player leaves the match by going back into the Map Selection menu.
  • If a player destroys an enemy Turret, Medical Station or other buildable gadgets will be counted as a kill.
    • This applies to other gamemodes as well.
    • However, they are no longer counted as a kill in the 12.5.0 update.
  • If a player kills themselves, they'll lose 1 kill and a deduction of 50 points. If they lack kills, there will still be a deduction of 50 points. A number of points the player has won't fall below zero.
  • If the score is tied at the end, the player with the most points wins. Ties with both the number of kills and points thus ending with a stalemate.
  • In the 12.2.0 update, the waiting and result screen has changed, where it shows the player on left podium and the opponent on the right podium in a blurred background of the map with fog at the bottom. Both podiums show their name, their level, and the number of trophies they have.
  • In the 17.3.0 update, players can no longer abuse the chest system.
  • At one point, the weapons from the Titanic Lottery blocked 90% of the damage dealt by an opponent. This was a common practice for scamming chests in duels, as it took many shots to kill someone.


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