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The Spirit of the Eagle, also known as the "Eagle Spirit", is a Mythical pet introduced in the 12.2.0 update.


It looks similar to the Eagle. Except it has a ghostly and translucency appearance. It has a white head, dark blue eyes, blue beak, blue talons with sharp, white claws, a blue body with wings and a tail.



  • The Eagle Spirit can inflict terrifyingly high damage to armor-less or low-level players making it a great starter pet.
  • Since the Eagle Spirit can fly through walls, you can use it to surprise unsuspecting enemies.
  • If you're a sniper, get this pet with strong armor so players behind you would be killed by the Spirit.
    • Your Spirit teleports to you when you are far away so you don't have to worry about it getting "lost" when you rocket jump.
  • The Eagle Spirit can also fly through walls, making it seem more like a ghost when attacking.
  • Due to its "Ghost" ability,it is able to detect and fly towards enemies through walls,allowing you to find hidden enemies with relative ease.


  • It has low health meaning that it can be exterminated in around 2-5 shots from a Primary weapon with normal to high damage.
  • Kill it when using weapons with a high fire rate and great accuracy, such as the Crystal Laser Cannon.
  • Use a high damaging shotgun such as the Acid Shotgun to take out the Eagle Spirit.


Level Speed Respawn Upgrade Cost Training Points Required
1 6 15 Default None
2 6 15 90 Coin.png 2
3 6 15 120 Coin.png 3
4 6 15 150 Coin.png 4
5 6 15 210 Coin.png 5
6 6 15 160 Gem.png 6
7 6 15 240 Gem.png 7
8 6 15 320 Gem.png 8


Spirit themed. Since this appeared in the 4th of July update, this may also mean “Spirit of the USA” as the eagle is the national bird of the USA.


  • It is the 5th Mythical pet to be introduced into the game.
  • This pet is unique compared to other pets for multiple reasons:
    • It is the first pet that has an ability to fly through walls also known as "Ghost".
    • It is the only pet that has transparency.
    • It is the only pet that has some foggy substance on it.
    • It is the only pet that has a part of the name removed in the pet renaming screen, making the name box display "Spirit of the E", instead of "Spirit of the Eagle". This is due to the 15-character limit similar to the username limitation in Minecraft.
  • It is the second pet that has the same species as another, the Eagle. The first being the Arnold 3000, having the same species as the Dog. The third being the Alien Cat, having the same species as the Cat.
  • In the recent update, it was given the "Ghost" attribute, making this pet the only one with such.

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