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The Earth Tremor is a Special weapon introduced in the 17.8.0 update. It is part of the Titan Super Lottery.


Earth Tremor is a Titan themed Special weapon that shoots out an enchanted beam with smaller rock pieces around it. The weapon has slow mobility, decent capacity, slow fire rate and fast travel time. It is a 1 shot kill at full charge.


It appears to be made out of rocks of all sizes. It also has wood roots strangling a rock handle, that looks similar to the Cyclops Sling's handle. There are some green markings on the sides and on the barrel of the weapon. When being held, the rocks rotate around the weapon endlessly.


The Earth Tremor acts like a normal charge weapon, when charged, the rocks that are rotating around the gun start to accelerate and rotate with a bigger orbit around it. The charge time of the weapon is very fast which is roughly 0.5 seconds, allowing you to fend off multiple enemies at a time more easily. It has a fast travel time, although it is still required to aim precisely before shooting. The area damage is not that big, but it will definitely help when going against a group of enemies. The weapon can also disable jumps, making your enemies easier to be hit, and it has a strong Self Healing attribute which is 10HP/s, allowing you to survive longer in combat. There is also a hidden Piercing Shot attribute which helps with killing enemies that stand in a straight line.

This weapon uses the single-shot system/attribute therefore it does not have a reload animation.

It has Fixed Delay. This means that once the player switches from any weapon to this weapon, the Earth Tremor will always have a pull-up delay lasting around half of a second.



  • Use it like a normal charge weapon, like the Big Fatality Gun but with a faster charge time.
  • Keep the charge full at all times to fend off the surprise attacks.
    • Additionally, this weapon has a quick charge so it is easier to maintain charge.
  • Shoot to the ground near your enemies as this weapon has the Area Damage attribute.
  • Make sure to shoot only when it is fully charged, as the slow fire rate of the weapon will stop you from shooting consecutively, and the damage will not be enough to kill an enemy.
  • This weapon is useful as a self-healing device due to the large regen of 10 health per second.
  • It is easier to hit an enemy after hitting them once because the enemy will be prevented from jumping, allowing a player to hit them once again.


  • Pick off the weapon's users from long ranges.
  • Jump around the weapon's users, because it is a charge weapon and its user won't be able to be as maneuverable as you will be.
  • Attack the weapon's users from behind and quickly eliminate them with a powerful shotgun like Viking.
  • Escape from the special's users by using the high mobility weapons (preferably from the melee category) like the Double Cashback.
  • Because the weapon's projectiles have travel time, they can sometimes be avoided on long-ranged maps.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Bring a high mobility Melee to traverse the map as this weapon's mobility is very low.



  • Initial release.



  • It is the first special to have the Healing attribute.
    • It is also the first charge weapon to have the Healing attribute.
  • This appears to be the goddess Gaia's weapon.
  • Its charge time is similar to the pre-nerfed charge times of other charge weapons.
  • The stones aren't seen in the weapon's kill icon.
  • It is part of the titanic lottery.


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