EWO or simply called Easy-Way-Out is a method used by players similar to Three Category Spam, this also happens in Duels when one player attempts to kill that other player but in most times they will self-destruct using Area Damage weapons or cluster-bombs to gain an advantage. However, it will cost them points and one kill count. EWO or Easy-Way-Out is sometimes hated a lot due to the fact any opponent can reset all of their health, ammo and armor, causing you killing your opponents harder. This is also acceptable when the player runs out of ammo.


This tactic was originally introduced in update 5.2.0, when the Apocalypse, the first weapon with self-damage, was introduced. Just like the modern tactic of EWO, people would kill themselves with the Apocalypse to escape being killed by the enemy. However, there was no penalty after a person kills themselves. This tactic was not widespread, but one could rarely see a person use this.

Easy-Way-Outs became more popular before update 11.0.0, where a rise of people would start using EWO. Because of this, Pixel Gun released the Self Destruction penalty in Update 11.0.0, reducing its effectiveness.

However, during the rise of 2020, an increasing number of people have started using EWO, especially in duels. During this time, there is also a glitch that uses this tactic to allow the player to keep their kills count on the revenge match in duels.


  • There is a clan gadget that allows you to EWO without losing points; Denied!
  • It used to be possible to commit EWO with Ninja Shurikens but this was removed.
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