The Echo Scanner is a Backup weapon introduced in the 17.7.0 update as a part of a set of weapons known as the Underwater Research Kit.


It is an underwater tech-themed weapon. It has good damage, a high fire rate, high capacity, and good mobility.


This weapon has a silver body with details of turquoise, blue, and black. There appears to be some sort of blue object secured in place by two grey prongs.


When shooting, the weapon releases sound waves that can also mark enemies and reveal their location.

When reloading, the player removes the magazine and replaces it by another.

The scope has Xray to see enemies around the map.



  • Use this like the Pizza Heater or the Mystical Ore Emitter.
  • Shoot this once at the enemy to mark them out.
  • You can use the scope with the X-Ray Vision to find enemies.
  • After spawning, the weapon already has full ammo, not needing to collect more.
  • It is suggested that you use the Magic Module combo to gain the ability to heal occasionally per hit.
  • This weapon holds a great deal of ammo and doesn’t need to reload much, however, if you are consistently getting kills with this weapon, you will eventually begin to run out of ammo.
  • Ignore the shooting animation and treat the gun as if it were firing a laser similar to that of the freeze ray rifle, as it will increase your accuracy. Also ignore the animation, as this weapon will make you think it has AoE due to the animation when it fires.
  • If you have access to the Pulling Sucker or the Vertical Grip Device, use it with this weapon to be able to get closer to your targets.
  • Using this weapon in close quarters is highly suggested, however, it isn’t terrible for going against players who are back peddling to escape.
  • Using the Stealth Bracelet gadget or Reflector gadget while using this weapon will make you nearly invincible.
  • Use this weapon while in the enemy spawn, as you can rack up tons of kills and possibly get a Fury streak very quickly.
  • Use this weapon while in close range maps skillfully enough, and you can get Rampage kill streaks without any issues of any sort.


  • Use the reflector gadget against players who use this gun to kill them, but be warned that you will be at low health even after they die, as you can get hit plenty of times with this weapon
  • Run, Rocket Jump, anything to gain major distance against these players as they can kill you very easily.
  • Use powerful AoE weapons like heavy section weapons or one-shot snipers in order to get rid of the players quickly.
  • Use the Energy Shield module combo on a Melee weapon so that they can’t kill you.
  • Just avoid these players at all costs, as those who know how to use this weapon well, will tear you apart rapidly, even with clan armor.
  • Worst case scenario, you will have to use this weapon against the opposing player who is using it (if you own the weapon of course)
  • Be warned that the most skilled users of this weapon, can drop an entire team within seconds very easily due to the mobility, range, power, and ammo per mag.
  • Even if you are a tryhard, it is still suggested that you run, as even 5 Cat Spammers will have an incredibly difficult time trying to take out users of this weapon.
  • Cluster Bombs will be your only real line of defense against the users of this weapon, as they have to get close to deal damage, but don’t let that fool you, as this gun has a decent range even for an Electro-Thrower.

Recommended Maps

Atlantis, Sky Islands, Classic Pool, Pool Party, Silent School



  • Initial release.


  • It is the second Backup weapon to have the Electro-Thrower attribute after the Pizza Heater.
  • It is also the only weapon with the Electro-Thrower and Target Mark attribute.
  • It has one of the highest capacities for an Electro Thrower.
  • It has a hidden attribute X-RayVision (Xray-Vision)
  • When you scope in and shoot, you can't see the waves
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