We used to call it Dandy but it was too cute for this type of rifle. So now it is Dandissimo. Didn't get much better eventually

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Eckodile Rifle is a Primary weapon added in the 15.6.0 update. It is part of the Blogger Set.


This is an Automatic.png Scoped.png Primary weapon that has red, white, grey and black colors in it. It has high damage, low fire rate for a primary weapon, a bit low capacity and below-average mobility.


This weapon takes the appearance of a red crocodile. It has a gray scope, a gray nozzle coming out the mouth, a pair of eyes, a pair of red arms, a red handle and a red and gray stock.


When the fire button is pressed, it will fire red bullets from the mouth of the crocodile and the nozzle will be filled with blue-white energy. These bullets are hitscan.

When reloading, the weapon's front left leg will rise up to the left while the user discards the magazine, and will insert a new one. It has no delay mechanics.


The gun has very good damage, a medium fire rate, poor mobility, a bad capacity, and a fast reload time.


  • This weapon is best used at far ranges, as it shoots accurate and strong projectiles at a slow speed, a lot like a sniper rifle. However, it can hold its own in close range firefights due to its powerful projectiles.
  • This weapon has a set bonus. If you equip the Snap Attacker and the Like Launcher, you will unlock the Blogger set, which decreases gadget recharge time.
  • Landing headshots will shorten the work.
  • Aim well since it does not hold much on use.
  • Due to the strong damage it produces, use this to take down weakened players or heavily damage them as this weapon is 4-5 shots.
  • The fire rate is similar to the Brave Patriot so use it similarly
  • This weapon can be a very fast finisher for 3 Category Spammers, as it has no delay and deals higher damage that most automatic primaries


  • Pick off users with close range weapons, including Ultimatum, Christmas Spirit, or Undertaker.
  • Overpower the user using superior firerate weapons.
  • Crowd its users, since the fairly low fire rate for this automatic weapon renders it useful only in medium to long ranges.
  • Area damage weapons can easily overpower its users, too.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Use this weapon with a loadout that has a few closer ranged weapons like Shotgun Pistol.
  • A fast firing gun to finish off weakened target.


  • Initial release date


  • It is based off of the YouTuber ECKOSOLDIER.
  • According to the YouTuber ECKOSOLDIER this weapon was originally suppose to be a sniper rifle but was changed to a primary which is probably why it does so much damage per shot.
  • Its firing sound is incredibly similar to the Royal Fighter. However, this is slightly more high-pitched.
  • It is currently in the Blogger Set along with the Snap Attacker and Like Launcher.
  • It has one of the fastest time-to-kill time in the primary category, only beaten by the Ultimatum.
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