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Effects are a type of debuff, in which certain weapons, gadgets and pets possess. The first debuff, Poison, was introduced in the 11.0.0 update, making the general introduction of the effects in the 11.0.0 update. There are currently 3 effects in the game. They are poison, bleeding, and burning.


Name Symbol Damage Released Appears in...
Poison PoisonEffect.png 6% Heart new.png 11.0.0 All pages are found here.
Burning BurningEffect.png 8% Heart new.png 11.1.0 All pages are found here.
Bleeding BleedingEffect.png 10% Heart new.png 11.2.0 All pages are found here.


  • Charm isn't considered as an effect.
    • This can be known from the Fidget Thrower and other weapons, owning a Random Effect attribute, and Charm isn't randomized in that attribute.
  • For unknown reasons, when a player is burning, the text saying "Burning" did not appear on their screen before.

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