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The Egg Delivery is a feature included in the category of the Pets System introduced in the 11.1.0 update.


It seems to be a pistachio green-colored case with metal handles and details.

When there is an egg available and no timer, the Simple Egg appears to be on the crate (no matter what type of egg it will give, it will be the Simple Egg on the crate). A sign appears and it indicates a white and red decal of an egg.


The egg delivery crate.

The timer of the Egg Delivery crate. It is for generating a new egg.

The player receives an egg every 12 hours. However, on the first several times the Egg Delivery is used, it'd take less time to generate another egg. The eggs that are obtainable from the Egg Delivery could either be a Simple Egg, an Ancient Egg, or a Magic Egg. When the game opens, the Egg Delivery crate opens with it and it's lid will come off, revealing the egg.


Egg Available Pets
Simple Egg Common, Uncommon and Rare pets.
Ancient Egg Uncommon, Rare and Epic pets.
Magic Egg Rare, Epic and Legendary pets.
Champion Egg Rare, Epic and Legendary pets.


  • This content has a few similarities to the Lucky Chest.
  • In the 12.0.0 update, there was a bug which restarted the egg timer every time you close the app, making it very difficult to get a new pet and/or training points, if your Egg Delivery needed 12 hours to generate a new egg.
  • Even though it looks similar to the Lucky Chest, the ways of use for it isn't the same as it will only give you a random egg (except for the Champion Egg and the Honor Egg) every time the player taps on it.
  • After the 4th anniversary of Pixel Gun 3D, the Pixel Gun Company made it so that players can obtain an egg from the Egg Delivery every ten minutes.

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