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Admissible precision and fast reload in one place! Nothing to add here.

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Eindringling is a Primary weapon that was introduced in version 6.3.1 as a part of the D-Day update along with the Brave Patriot.


It is a gray machine pistol that shoots regular bullets at a high fire rate. It has medium-high damage, high rate of fire, average capacity, and low mobility.


It is a silvery-white gun with a very long barrel and shoulder stock. The ammo clip is also very long. There is a cross near the middle, representing Germany. The cross was later replaced by a white eagle. Most of these parts are simple and slender. It is based on the real-life German MP40.


The player shoots regular bullets at a high fire rate and with instant bullet travel time. When reloading, the tall magazine from the weapon is taken out, a spare magazine is inserted and the bolt is triggered.

This weapon has no delay mechanics (fixed delay, delay input and delay output).



  • Use in mid-close ranges to increase damage output.
  • Conserve ammo or perform habitual reloads if one keeps on wasting ammo.
  • Pair this with certain Primary module (preferably Turbo Charger, to well-compensate for the lack off ammo capacity) combination for best effect.
  • switch to high mobility weapons if you want to flew.
  • Aim for the head to maximize Efficiency per shot.
  • Use this to weaken/finish off opponents.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Weaken the user with a high-damage weapon then finish them off with it.
  • As it has an average capacity, the user can easily run out of ammo if one is fast enough.
  • Area-damage weapons can easily take out the weapon's users.
  • Due to its mobility, its users are easy victims to faster enemies like a player named ''Cross Shot''
  • Strafe around so it is significantly harder for your opponent to hit you.

Module damages

Since the Eindringling is a Primary weapon, it uses primary modules, whether it is kinetic, magic, or energy, all of them increase the weapon's base damage the same way, except in Raids, where the modules needed depend on what module the enemies are weak to.

At level 65 and at its default grade, given that the Eindringling has a base damage of 11 in the body and 13 in the head, with Primary modules, this damage is increased, depending on the level of the modules. The following table shows the additional damage that the Eindringling can do when a Primary module is equipped.

Level Total percentage increase Estimated body damage with module Estimated head damage with module
1 +2% 11 13
2 +3% 11 13
3 +4% 11 13
4 +6% 11 13
5 +8% 11 14
6 +12% 12 14
7 +16% 12 15
8 +20% 13 15
9 +25% 13 16
10 +30% 14 16

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Use a long-range weapon with this one, as the range is not that spectacular.


  • Initial release.
  • It was removed from the Armory.
  • It was brought back to the shop for some time.
  • Before this update, it featured the Balkenkreuz emblem on the side of the receiver, however, it was replaced with a white eagle (likely to deal with censorship).


  • Its capacity was increased from 30 to 32


  • It returned in the Game's 8th anniversary Lottery.


  • This gun has a fast reloading animation compared to most other weapons in the game.
  • This gun is based on the MP-40 machine pistol developed and used by Nazi Germany's forces during World War II.
    • Contrary to belief, this weapon was not as commonplace for infantrymen in the Wehrmacht (Nazi German armed forces, but was issued to officers and platoon/squad leaders, as well as paratroopers.)
  • The Eindringling in German means "The Intruder".
  • Despite the statistics, it has a very fast fire rate, which is contradictory to the fact that the weapon this was based off had a sub-par firing speed.
  • This gun along with the Hellraiser and the Combat Rifle are the only weapons that feature a spazzing animation when fired. This is presumably to create the illusion of recoil.
  • Players who had the gun when it got removed were refunded 110 Coin.png when the gun was removed. However, some players still have it.
  • In the current update, it is 9-10 headshots with modules kill if fully upgraded to level 65, similar to that of Secret Forces Rifle.


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