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This article describes a Pixel Gun 3D weapon. If you're looking for the same weapon in Pixel Gun World, see Elephant Hunter (PGW).
The scope here is awesome. Name origins: Not a single elephant was killed with this rifle, however a cutthroat called "Elephant" was killed two times already.

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Elephant Hunter is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 8.0.0 update.


It is a beige sniper rifle with some desert-like camouflage that shoots heavy bullets. This weapon deals a decent amount of damage, has an average fire rate of 73, a moderate capacity of 7 for a sniper, and a low mobility of 50. It was originally an upgrade of the Ultimate Headhunter, but later became a separate weapon.


It is a large anti-material rifle that resembles the real-life Barrett M82 rifle with dark desert camouflage and red stripes on the sides. It has a long and thin black barrel with a muzzle brake, a black scope, and a folded black bipod underneath. It looks somewhat similar to the Brutal Headhunter.


This sniper shoots regular bullets with instant bullet travel time. It has a slow fire rate, but great accuracy, due to it being a sniper. Moreover, this weapon possesses a 10x zoom optic sight, which allows it to pick off players from long ranges.

When reloading, the player takes out the magazine from the bottom of the weapon and replaces it with another one.

It has both Input Delay (Receives Delay) and Output Delay (Gives Delay). This means that the Elephant Hunter will have a pull-up time whenever another weapon with Output Delay (Gives Delay) is shot, then quickly switched to it, and the Elephant Hunter (PG3D) will also give pull-up time to any weapons with Input Delay (Receives Delay) if it is shot, then quickly switched to the Input Delay (Receives Delay) weapon. The duration of the pull-up time for both the Elephant Hunter (PG3D) and the Input Delay (Receives Delay) weapon switched to after it depends on the previously used weapon's fire rate and the Elephant Hunter (PG3D)'s fire rate, respectively.



  • Use this weapon at long distances to maximize the scope's usefulness.
  • Be sure to aim for the head to maximize damage and conserve ammunition.
  • When against an unarmored opponent, aim for the center of mass.
  • Take the time to aim first if locked in a sniper duel.
  • It is recommended to use this weapon in long-range maps.
  • This can one-shot players, so try to be accurate with shots.
  • In Team Fight, pick off powerful targets (i.e. Ghost Lantern users) to prevent enemies from getting easy kills.
  • After getting a kill from a sniping spot, move to another position as players can find your position by looking at the kill cam.
  • Using this in close ranges with precision can easily kill most opponents.
  • As the scope heavily decreases your field of view, occasionally unscope and look at your surroundings to look for any potential attackers.


  • Get in close with a weapon with lots of damage such as a Shotgun or Heavy. Note that if you approach head-on, experienced players can kill you without using the scope. Ambush the user or attack from behind for the best results.
  • A fast-firing weapon with a scope such as the Guerrilla Rifle will often beat the Elephant Hunter's slow fire rate.
  • Avoid routes that other users are known to frequent.
  • Keep out of its user's sight.
  • Pick off its users from long ranges while hidden.
  • Area damage weapons can affect its user's aim. Use them in a range where they can't dodge the projectiles.
  • Try strafe around the user in random patterns if you are being spotted.
  • Try to rocket jump so it will be harder for your opponent.
  • Use a Jetpack and actively move around. Since you are flying and moving, it will be harder to be hit.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Equip a close-ranged weapon along with this one. A shotgun can be effective if you are cornered or ambushed.
  • Alternatively, a scoped rifle can be used for eliminating unarmored targets, saving ammunition for tougher foes.
  • Regardless, be sure to have a reliable weapon to use at close range.
  • Pack a Backup/Primary weapon to finish off weakened opponents.



  • The Elephant Hunter was added to the game.


  • The weapon received an extra upgrade.


  • The Elephant Hunter and its upgrade are removed, but previous owners still own it, albeit as the Pixel Gun. The Kill Cam still shows it as an Elephant Hunter.


  • It is added back into the game.


  • It is added to the Super Lottery and can be obtained from it.


  • It is based on the real world Barrett M107A1 .50 BMG sniper rifle with desert camouflage. Even though it is commonly viewed as a sniper rifle, it is actually an anti-materiel rifle.
  • Curiously, when this weapon fires, the bolt pulls back. This would have cycled another round, making operating the bolt unnecessarily complicated, because of the waste of ammunition.
  • You can now buy it in the Armory without upgrading the Brutal Headhunter (PG3D).
  • It was once glitched and couldn't be equipped.
  • Despite being a true Sniper weapon, it cannot be used in Sniper Forts and Sniper Tournament.
  • In the same update, for some users, this rifle did not appear in the Armory, but could still be bought from the Kill Cam. This was patched in the following update.
  • It can one headshot enemies at max efficiency and with the right equipment or if it is set to Mythical grade.
  • This and the Brutal Headhunter are technically "Anti-Material Rifles", not sniper rifles.
  • The reload audio is quite similar to the audio that plays when you start/join an online match.
  • The gallery description reads for this gun that "not a single real elephant was killed with this gun."


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