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One-handed machineguns help Emperor's servants carry the word about Him to those who refuse to follow. High attack speed makes you forget about relatively low precision.

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Emperor’s Servants are a Backup weapon introduced in the 13.2.1 update.


It is a pair of small, mainly adamant machine gun pistols that shoot like automatic Primary weapons. This weapon deals with relatively high damage, a high firing rate, above-average mobility, and relatively high ammo capacity.


It is a green re-skin of the Dual Machine Guns, though this weapon has 80 capacity and 75 mobility whereas the Dual Machine Guns only has 70 capacity with 65 mobility

These weapons are two identical green submachine guns that have light green ammo boxes that appear like they're emerald-colored, green with gold details, and golden skulls with red eyes in each of them.


This weapon is dual-wielded. When shooting, the player is practically shooting regular bullets with instant bullet travel time from both pistols simultaneously, even though the pistols are technically taking their turns, which means that when one pistol shoots, the other shoots next, then the process repeats. It has a fire rate that is high enough to be seen as being shot simultaneously, and this high fire rate and capacity indicate that this weapon has the general performance of an automatic Primary weapon.

When reloading, the player takes out the clips, puts the pistols off-screen, puts a spare magazine to each pistol and they appear on-screen again. It has no delay mechanics.



  • Use this like the Dual Machine Guns, it is no different.
  • Use this in close-medium range combat.
  • This is effective for dealing with monsters, useful in Co-Op Survival due to its high capacity.
  • It loses accuracy due to its high recoil in sustained firing, so fire in bursts instead.
  • Take advantage of its high capacity per magazine.
    • To increase its ammunition within a magazine much higher for starter, equip Cowboy Hat and Drum Magazine.
  • It is deadly in close ranges and can prove to be highly effective in medium to long ranges if used properly.
  • Headshots are of the essence with these. Being two high caliber automatic firing pistols, they're not very accurate due to the massive recoil that it has, but they're extremely deadly at shorter ranges.


  • Pickoff its users from long range since it does not have a scope.
  • Don't get too close to its users, its high firepower can mow you down in a fraction of seconds.
  • This weapon lacks accuracy, try strafing around its users.
  • You can outgun this weapon by using area damage weapons or other high damaging weapons. Weapons such as the Shotgun Pistol, Heavy Shotgun, or even the Automatic Peacemaker (PG3D).
  • Area-damage weapons can make short work of its users, avoid getting very close.
  • Keep in mind that its users can ambush you at any moment. You should be careful if you want to stay alive.
  • Use the Reflector (Gadget) so that while your opponent hits you, they take damage as well.

Recommended Maps

Close to medium ranged maps, like Toy Factory or Mafia Mansion or Emperor's Palace.

Equipment Setups

Equip a long-ranged weapon, such as the Secret Forces Rifle, Hellraiser, or the Wyvern.



Initial release.


This weapon had a combat level of 12 and could be upgraded two times until the combat level reaches 14.


It got a buff, making it 7-8 headshots to kill an average player.

With the new upgrade system, this weapon can be upgraded to a certain amount of efficiency like every other weapon from its class, which is Legendary. Now it does 4-5 headshot kill, and 8-9 shots to the body.


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