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The End of Fairytale is a Primary weapon introduced in the 22.0.0 update. It can be obtained from the Fairy Thug Trader's Van.


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The End of Fairytale minigun has three long sub-barrels that have a candy-cane appearance. Near the end of the sub-barrels, the tip bears a small resemblance to Railgun. The ammo near the player has a small color resemblance to the Virtual Concert sticks. Other than that, the weapon contains a few other colors, some of them being lime, purple, and yellow.


This weapon performs the same as Siege Minigun and Automatic Injector. It fires for roughly 1.5 seconds before it reaches its full firerate. This weapon also possesses the Blindness and "Damage Boost for Allies" attributes. This weapon can be used in Clan Raids, as this weapon can boost you allies' attack power while you also return fire.


Use this in conjuction nearby allies, as this weapon has the "Damage Boost for Allies" attribute.


  • Stay near allies if they have a powerful weapon.


  • Attempt to seperate the opponent from their group before any of them kills you.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups


  • 22.0 - Initial release


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