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The Energy Shield (Module Combination) is a module combination in the Melee section introduced in the 16.2.0 update.


It appears to be a blue shield with a silver border and a blue lightning bolt on the front side of the shield.


It temporarily protects from long-distance attacks. It has defence from any weapon except from the melee section.


  • Use Poison Darts, the darts can pass through the energy shield.
  • Melees (except Double Cashback, for some reason) can be used to counter energy shield users, since they can pass through the shield.
  • The Ice Club can pass through the shield.
  • Deadly Digital System will ignore the shield.
  • The Last Word combo ignores this module combination's effect.

Modules required

Attributes added

  • Duration (for the module combination itself, and it can increase with more powerful modules.)


  • Its duration was nerfed because of numerous complaints about how overpowered it is.
  • The Energy Shield was most commonly used with overpowered melees with area damage such as the Double Cashback or Triple Bite.
  • The Poison Darts can go threw the Energy Shield.
  • The Last Word module combination ignores the Energy Shield.
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