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The Engineering Saw Thrower is a Special weapon introduced in the 21.7.0 update.


It looks very similar to the Shuriken Thrower but with a more futuristic design and more industrial colors.

It also has some sort of loader mechanism on the bottom. Around the area where the weapon attaches to the players arm there is a grip that holds onto hold the players arm and above those there are green glowing grates presumably with radiation.


It fires holographic saw like projectiles that have decent travel time and good damage. This weapon also has bleeding, piercing shot, and ricochet.



  • Use as if you were using the Amazon's Sharp Ring, but in the special section.
  • Avoid using this on large, open areas, as it will significantly reduce it's usage.
  • Spam this in small spaces to increase the chances of hitting an enemy, note however the saws only bounce 3 times before they disappear.
  • Use this weapon in small corridors with with multiple targets to cause chaos.


  • Avoid small spaces when you see someone using this weapon.
  • Out-damage them with your own weapons.


  • Its firing sound bears a resemblance to Drilling Railgun.
  • It shares the same projectiles as Hype Yo-Yo but with diffrent travel time and smaller size.
  • It looks like a upgraded Shuriken Thrower.
  • Despite having the Ricochet attribute, it is unsure if the damage increases with the ricochet or not.
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