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Aww, I shouldn't have put my stake on Lakers! I mustn't have bought this cake. Why have I painted my hair green? Erase the mistakes of the past with the help of this weapon. Or people who can let you down.

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Eraser is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 13.0.0 update.


Eraser is a Mythical clan weapon that shoots out light blue energy balls. This weapon has a very high damage(when full charged), a medium charge time with high capacity and a slow mobility.


It is mostly blue, plated with gold, and comprises of two parts. The first part is a pistol, and the second is 4 rotating plates decorated with gold around what looks like a blue energy emitter.


When the player is charging, a slowly growing energy ball will appear in the middle of the plates, an energy being force in animation will happen. After being fully charged and released, it shoots out a beam of light blue energy, which will explode into a blue gravity bank or portal. This portal will trap any enemies in when near, leaving them unable to move. Also, the longer the player holds the gun the more the plates will retract from its original state.

When the player reloads, he/she will take out the magazine located at the back of the gun and replace it with a new one. It has no delays. 



  • Since it has armor bonus, use this to add spare armor points.
  • This weapon will only create a black hole when fully charged.
  • It is recommended to take cover while charging up as you are vulnerable from enemy fire when charging up in the open.
  • Each fully charged shot will consume 25 capacity, so try to have at least 25 capacity left when charging for a black hole.
  • When an enemy is sucked in, finish them off with a Sniper or a Primary weapon.
  • This weapon has a good reload speed for a heavy weapon, take advantage of it.
  • This weapon has the potential to be a one shot when fully charged.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Stay away after the black hole appears, as the gravitational force will pull you in.
  • If you got pulled into the black hole, use a weapon with a very high mobility to escape or alternatively you can use Rocket Jumper or the Space Disinfector to rocket jump out or simply risk Armour/health to escape.
  • If you get caught in the black hole, you can try strafing from side to side while firing your Primary weapon to avoid enemy gunfire until the black hole disperses.
  • Avoid getting too close from users, as they could release a charge shot on you, resulting in either getting instantly killed or being sucked in.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Have a backup weapon with a higher fire rate, such as the Neon Fighter, Hypersound Uzi, or the Infiltrator.
  • Have a powerful spamming set so you can finish players who got sucked in the black hole off.



  • Initial release.


  • It costs 40 USD instead of 30 USD if you didn’t have any parts.


  • It now need 250 parts instead of 10, but your former amount of parts will be multiplied by 25.


  • Its crosshair got changed into a unique one.


  • The Crosshairs of this weapon, the Excalibur, the Reaper, the Power Fists, the Poseidon Trident and the Third Eye, have had their crosshairs changed to be more unique.
  • It is the second weapon added to the game with a Gravitation Force attribute, first being the Snow Storm.
  • The Eraser's Gravitation Force works the same way the Singular Grenade works.
  • The Gravitation Force attribute doesn't work until the shot is fully charged. If the shot is not completely charged, then it will shoot blue orbs with less damage than the fully charged shot and no Gravitation Force.
  • This weapon is still a one shot when it is fully charged even after all of the balancing updates.

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