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The Eraser Crossbow is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 21.4.0 update.


it is an artwork-themed Sniper weapon that shoots in three directions at once, similar to Offensive fireworks and Aphrodite crossbow.

This deals devastating damage and if all three shots manage to hit, and it has a normal fire rate, and decent mobility.


It has a gold base with a blade at the front and a dark grey end. It has two arms with strings and a brown scope on one side.


This weapon performs similarly to the Aphrodite crossbow, but with no extra effects. It has a decent fire rate and a low capacity and mobility.



  • Aim for the head to deal more damage.
  • Take advantage of it's TripleShot.png attribute to hit enemies easily.
  • Get up close to the enemy if you can, as when all three bolts hit it deals insane damage.


  • Take out it's user/s quickly, as this weapon does not require much accuracy to hit people.
  • Strafe around to avoid being hit.

Equipment Setups

Use a high mobility Melee weapon such as the Ban hammer for moving around the map.



  • Initial release.


  • This is the sixth weapon to feature the Shooting in three directions (TripleShot.png) attribute.
    • It is also the second Sniper to feature the attribute.
    • It has a very similar shooting noise compared to the Siege Crossbow.
    • When this weapon was first released it caused the community great dread for the fear of a Aphrodite crossbow 2.0.

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