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This content is exclusive to Pixel Gun World. It isn't in Pixel Gun 3D!
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An Event is a feature added in the Christmas Space Wars update. It is mainly a temporary feature which consists of various content. There are also different kinds of events. 

An example of an event.


There are multiple events:

Event Appeared Once Appeared Many Times
Pirates Event X
Space Wars Event X
Christmas Event X
Kung Fu Event X
Valentine's Event X
Superheroes Event X
Easter Event X
Double Event X
Pro Player's Choice Event X

Note: If the X is marked on either one of the last two columns, then it means that an event has appear either only once or multiple times.


Here are what all of the events contain:

Event Weapons Wear Map
Pirates Event Morgan's Arquebus, Blackbeard's Pistols, Jamaican Madness, Sea Devil, Silver's Musket, Sparrow's Sabre. N/A N/A
Space Wars Event Portable Death Moon, Space Rifle, Space Blaster, Cubacca's Crossbow. N/A Walking Fortresses.
Christmas Event Icicle Minigun, Nutcracker. N/A Toy Factory.
Kung Fu Event Shuriken Minigun, Tiger Claws, Water Spirit, Dragon Cannon, Dragon Bow, Fantasy Sword. Kung Fu Hat, Panda Head, Dragon Mask. N/A
Valentine's Event Last Kiss, Dater Hater. N/A N/A
Superheroes Event Umbrella Shotgun, Poison Ivy, Cryptonic Blaster, Grapple Gun, Cryptonic Lantern, Mr. Ice, Pixelrang, Cryptonic Bow, Electric Glove, Mighty Trident. N/A Parkour.
Easter Event Carrot Sword. Grey Hare, White Rabbit. N/A
Double Event Life Snatcher, Rabbit Pistols, Ka-Boom!, Anti-Hero Rifle. N/A N/A
Pro Player's Choice Event Assault Machine Gun, Dual Machine Guns, Freeze Ray Rifle, Elephant Hunter, Missile Thrower. N/A N/A
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