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The Event Chest in the 12.1.0 update.

Looking for the event chests successors in the 12.5.3 update? See the Super Lottery, Novice Chest, Fighter Chest or Winner Chest.

The Event Chest is a content introduced in the 12.1.0 update. It is a temporary alternative to the Lucky Chest, but this chest includes removed weapons and other special items.

A second Event Chest becomes available in the 12.2.0 update. Only it had different content than the original ones.

The US patriot themed Event Chest in the 12.2.0 update.


Original Event Chest

It is a light blue 3D rectangle box that has 2 gray bars, a few yellow diagonal lines located on the right of the front side and the left of the right side, and it also has a yellow symbol containing black pistols.

4th of July Event Chest

It is a blue 3D rectangle box with red and white stripes on the top along with a bit of blue, representing a part of the US flag. The lockers are white and blue. It has 1 big star at the front, while the sides have three small stars.


The Event Chest can be used to obtain various prizes.

Original Event Chest

A player can open it for 25 Key.png. After spending Key.png on the Event Chest, they will receive an item available in the chest.

4th of July Event Chest

A player can open it for 25 Ribbon 2D.png. After spending Ribbon 2D.png on the Event Chest, they will receive an item available in the chest.

Available Items

12.1.0 Loot

There are multiple items that can be earned from the Event Chest:

12.2.0 Loot

  • Celebrational Skies (Background)
  • Presidential Gate (Gate)
  • Presidential Wall (Fence)
  • Lanterns (Decor)
  • Presidential Kennel (Pet House)
  • Government House (Base)
  • Government Yard (Terrain)
  • Red Carpet (Road)
  • SimpleAncient or Magic eggs.
  • Coins, ranging from 10-100 coins.
  • Gems, ranging from 5-75 gems.
  • Ribbons, ranging from 25 only.
  • Parade Horse
  • Themed weapons:

Note: You get the form of a removed weapon that is specifically appropriate for your level/ league division.


  • It is currently unknown if the Event Chest may come back in the future with a theme of it that has appeared into the game.
    • It came back in the neighboring 12.2.0 update. Only with different loot and theme.
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