The Evil Chicken is the boss of the Block World level Village in Campaign. Upon death, it drops the Sniper Rifle.


Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 3Heart new 20Heart new Fast
Medium 5Heart new 26Heart new Fast
Hard 6-7Heart new 32Heart new Fast


It will sprint and climb(it is fast)towards the player with its arms out, and repeatedly hit with its wings when it is close enough.


The Evil Chicken is a white, humanoid chicken with a pair of red eyes, a yellow beak, and yellow feet. In a recent update, its arms were stretched out whilst running towards the player. This resembles the former Crook Zombie.


  • It resembles an anthropomorphic version of Minecraft's Chicken.
  • It is the first boss in the second campaign, Block World.
  • It also has similar behavior to the former Demon Boss, as both monsters attack with arms spread out.
  • After the removal of Crook Zombie, Demon Boss, and Dark Eyed Alien, this and the Tortured Prisoner are the fastest Bosses in the game.
    • This and the Pharaoh Golem are the only monsters in Block World that drop weapons.
  • It was removed in a recent update and replaced with a red Stalker.
    • However, it was added back in in a later update.
      IMG 0115

      An overhead view of the boss.


  • To defeat this boss, you could just simply use any kind of weapon that you feel comfortable with.
  • For lower level users, try to stay away from melee combat.
  • For a safe and easy fight, simply use a high-efficiency Sniper like Impulse Sniper Rifle. Longer range Primaries like Casanova will work as well.
  • Jump or rocket jump onto a nearby tree, and attack the boss where it cannot reach you.


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