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The Experimental Rifle is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 21.7.0 update.


It is a futuristic Sniper rifle that shoots bright green lasers. Upon reloading it creates a green shield around the player that lasts for a few seconds. It protects the user from 11% of damage.


It looks like a futuristic, sci-fi themed rifle. It has a white base with teal markings, a dark grey barrel and scope with teal lights on it. It also has green crystalline structures one the sides and above the barrel.


This weapon performs similarly to PGA-05 Slender Touch in terms of fire rate. It will create a shield around the player while reloading hence the CreatesAShieldWhileReloading.png attribute.

This weapon will both receive delay and give a delay. This means that whenever the player shoots it then switches to another weapon that receives delay, the weapon will have a longer pullout animation. The same goes if the player switches from a weapon that gives a delay to this weapon, the Experimental Rifle will have a pullout animation that lasts about 2 seconds.



  • Use this to take out players from longer ranges.
  • Take advantage of it's shield attribute and reload when there are players firing at you. Take in mind that you will only be protected by 11%.
  • Try to use the benefit from ricochetRicochet.png attribute by shooting on the wall/floor and bounce to your enemies. Because it will does a messive damage which can be confirmed as 1-shot kill.


  • Use a powerful automatic Primary to counter it's user.
  • Use a weapon with the Weakening.png or Charm.png attribute to lower it's user's damage.


  • This is the second weapon to feature the Creates a shield while reloading attribute, the first being Project "Red Button".
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