Extreme Run is a minigame introduced in the 12.0.0 update.

How to Play

A player looks in the direction where he/she must go and start running there. The player automatically runs. There is also a jump button, which is an essential button for this minigame.

At the start, the platform is green. It means that a player is in the Safe Zone. In that zone, it is where the player can repeat the run after an accident. It ends around at a score of 185. Only the first green platforms are in the Safe Zone.

Hitting a red wall, a red spike strip or falling off the map will result in loss. A Coin.png appears every 1,000 meters.


Extreme Run has only one map:


Only one helpful item can be used in this minigame:


  • This and Parkour Challenge are the only minigames that have the 3rd person perspective instead of the 1st person perspective.
  • This and Arena are the only minigames that are endless.


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