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This is removed content. It is no longer available in Pixel Gun 3D.
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The Faced Stalker was an enemy found in the Village map.

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Damage: 2 Heart new.png

Health: 4-5 Heart new.png

Speed: Fast



It is a humanoid figure but with 4 short legs and green skin. It has a black mouth and eyes. It's almost exactly like the Creeper from Mojang's Minecraft, but it has no white checkered dots. 


When it senses an player, it will start running on its four legs toward it's target and will lunge toward the player dealing moderate damage.


  • it was removed from Pixel Gun 3D because of copyright issues with Mojang's Minecraft Creeper.
    • It was replaced with the normal Stalker in the Village map.
  • This enemy makes the same sound as Devil Stalker when killed or hurt instead of the stalker's sound. 
  • This enemy doesn't self-destruct, but instead melee attacks you. 

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