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The Fairy's Poleaxe is a Melee weapon introduced in the 22.0.0 update. It can be obtained from the Fairy Thug Trader's Van.


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The weapon has a handle grip color scheme, similar to the Assassin's Daggers. The blade of the weapon represents a butterfly/fairy, hence the weapon's name. However, the color scheme has a color similar to Winter Staff's blade, and Sharp Snowflake.


This weapon performs the same as Heroic Epee. However, this weapon has an attack speed of 82, while Heroic Epee has 89. This weapon does not possess the Poison attribute. Both weapons do have a form of healing. However, the healing of this weapon is bugged, and instead heals teammates. It is unknown if the Super Punch does area damage. However, it is know that this weapon has a high Super Punch damage count. Higher, than most weapon possessing the Super Punch attribute. One more thing to note about the Super Punch, it requires 2 hits to activate, much like the Storm Poleaxes.


Because this weapon's self-healing is bugged and instead heals teammates, stay with at least one ally.



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  • It is the first Super Punch weapon whose base damage is increased threefold upon triggering Super Punch (not the case for headshot though).
  • Despite having Healing.png attribute, it only acts like Lifesteal.png instead, and it will works only from a kill instead of damaging.
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