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The Fake Bonus is a Throwing gadget introduced in the 11.1.0 update.


It appears to be a dropped light blue Gem.png with a black outline, but with a green C4 attached to the back. The C4 is green with what appears to be an explosive chip and 2 wires blue and red on a motherboard.


The player throws the Fake Bonus from their right hand. When it lands, it would spin, just like a regular Gem. However, when a player touches it while walking, the Fake Bonus would emit a small and regular explosion on them. This shows that it acts as a fake gem bonus. Where there's a small chance for a gem to drop when a player is killed, this gadget is used to trick players into picking it up when mistaking it for a real one. It deals fairly high damage but is very easy to recognize.


Letting the "bonus" spin twice reveals its perfidy.


  • This gadget can be used to set a wide extent of traps.
    • When throwing, do not throw in front of any player. This is an obvious sign of the gem being fake. However, this does ensure a direct hit.
  • Throw at a spot where there are a lot of enemies, without letting them see that you are throwing.
  • When you're about to die, throw this at your feet the second before you die so that enemies will think you dropped an actual gem.
  • Throw this when enemies are moving around and not looking at you so they won't notice the gem.
  • You can use this for a trap in Flag Capture to protect your flag.
  • Place it in narrow, closed corridors where it can force enemies to take alternate routes or not taking that route altogether.
  • Alternatively, you can use this weapon like a mine or a grenade, throwing it at the feet of players who will unknowingly step on it.


  • To avoid getting deceived by this gadget, let the "bonus" spin twice before collecting it.
    • If it is a real gem without a C4 on either side, then pick it up.
    • Make sure to not wait too long, as if it is a real gem, it will disappear after some time.
  • The Fake Bonus floats higher in the air and is slightly larger than an actual gem, look for this if you don't have time to let it spin. It is also bigger.
  • When a player is near one but they aren't moving towards it, they may have just placed one.
  • The explosion takes time so rocket jump before being hurt. However, you must quickly do so for more time allowance to dodge the explosion quickly.



Cooldown Time
Initial Tier 50 Seconds 18 Seconds
Tier 1 49 Seconds 20 Seconds
Tier 2 48 Seconds 21 Seconds
Tier 3 47 Seconds 23 Seconds
Tier 4 46 Seconds 24 Seconds
Tier 5 45 Seconds 26 Seconds
Tier 6 44 Seconds 27 Seconds
Tier 7 43 Seconds 28 Seconds
Tier 8 42 Seconds 29 Seconds
Tier 9 41 Seconds 31 Seconds
Final Tier 40 Seconds 33 Seconds


  • It looks like a normal gem, except that an C4 has been planted on the gem.
    • Even if you remove the C4, this gem will still look bigger than a normal gem, so use this advice to know if it’s fake. Also, it floats higher from the surface, and as it spins, it will reveal the C4, making it fairly easy to detect real and fake ones.
  • This is one of the three Gadgets with the ContactDetonator.png attribute, the other two being the Smile Mine and Firework.
  • When it explodes, its sound effect is the same as the gem's sound effect when picked up/obtained, then an explosion sound follows up.
  • It was introduced to Battle Royale.
  • It resembles the old Gem (Removed Pick-Up), albeit being blue instead of pink and with a C4 attached.

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