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The Fate is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 21.7.1 update.


"This weapon is being processed, and the description will appear soon"


The sniper has a golden color scheme, with some chains attached to the body of the weapon. It also has a clock on the side, bearing a resemblance to Reversed Pistol and Time Scythe When scoped in, the scope bears a resemblance to the Third Eye.


Use this how you would use the Fair Sheriff or Proud Eagle, as both those guns have the Target Mark attribute. This is also one of the very few snipers that possesses the "Slows the Target" attribute.


Use this to target mark your enemies if you need to retreat, as the mark will last for an extremely long time.


  • Use this to target mark your opponent(s).


  • Use a shotgun, such as the Ultimatum, or a high damage sniper, such as the One Shot to eliminate the user if they marked you and went after you.


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