The Ferocious Poleaxe is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 17.8.0 update. It is obtained after completing all 6 Olympus season challenges in the Battle Pass.


It is a giant axe that is thrown to attack. It has a fast travel time, can deal high damage, can kill in 2-3 shots depending on module combination, has a fast firing rate, and has below-average mobility.


It is a double-bladed axe with black and gold patterns. It has a minotaur head with red eyes, a pair of white horns with golden rings, and a golden nose ring in front of it.


The player swiftly throws the fast-moving axe which explodes on impact. The axe has a quick travel time. The axe pierces through enemies, dealing damage, and inflicting bleeding on enemies. Additionally, the axes have Lifesteal, which means the player gets their health, but not armor, healed back.

Because the weapon relies on a single shot mechanic, it has no reload. It has fixed delay, which means that the player will spend a few moments taking out the weapon compared to other weapons.



  • Use it in close range maps, as it has travel time and can easily pierce through a few enemies.
  • Use the axe when your health is low as it will heal your health back up.
  • Do not be fooled by its looks, as you throw it as the way to attack using this weapon.
  • Because the player can rapidly spam the weapon, it is recommended that the player spams it small corridors to increase the amount of possible damage.
  • This is very good at countering Sly Wolf users as the AOE is large enough to pierce the shield.
  • Use jetpack when you're using it.It become an air strike.
  • It is not recommended to use this weapon with Three Category Spam due to the moderate fixed delay the weapon has.
  • This weapon has area damage, so aiming near the enemy can hit.


  • If the enemy is using this in an open field, you can easily dodge the axes that he throws if you are decently away from him.
  • Keep moving fast so the user will have a difficult time shooting you.
  • You can also use one-shot weapons or weapons with a high fire rate to pick them off.

Recommended Maps 

Equipment Setups 

  • It is recommended that the player takes a few long-range weapons with them, as this weapon is mostly suited for close combat.



  • Initial release.


  • Despite looking like an axe, it is a Heavy weapon.
  • This weapon performs similarly to the Tactical Tomahawk.
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