The Fire Mushroom is a Tools gadget introduced in the 11.1.0 update.


It is a mushroom with a red mushroom head on the top covered in white spots, a white to orange shaded handle and a black outline on the handle. It is modeled after the common toadstool, and so bears a similar likeness.


Over time, a player who activates this gadget releases 3 rings of fire around themselves. It takes 2-3 rings to kill an average player, but at higher levels, it may be more difficult. At maximum level, this gadget can emit 5 rings.



  • Use this in close range maps like in Pool Party.
  • Try to be surrounded by a couple of enemies, in order to get multiple kills.
  • Use this against weakened enemies, in order to get easier kills.
  • Use its Burning attribute as an advantage, as it will still affect enemies after you die.


  • Stay out of the range.
  • Pick off its users from medium or long-range with a Sniper weapon.
  • Try to eliminate its users before all 3 rings are activated.



Cooldown Duration
Initial tier 27 seconds 7 seconds
Tier 1 26 seconds 7 seconds
Tier 2 25 seconds 8 seconds
Tier 3 24 seconds 8 seconds
Tier 4 23 seconds 9 seconds
Tier 5 22 seconds 9 seconds
Tier 6 21 seconds 10 seconds
Tier 7 20 seconds 10 seconds
Tier 8 19 seconds 10 seconds
Tier 9 18 seconds 11 seconds
Tier 10 17 seconds 11 seconds
Final tier 16 seconds 12 seconds


  • This is the second item based on mushrooms, the first being the Hitman Pistol, which was formerly called the Killer Mushroom.
  • There was a glitch where you were able to use this in Deadly Games and get free kills even before the match starts.
    • In the 11.3.0 update, this glitch was fixed.
  • This may be a reference to Nintendo's Mario games.
  • The gadget used to release 5 rings, now it shoots out 3.
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