The Fireball Spell is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 10.4.0 update.


It is a light-brown book opened, revealing its written contents. It also has a ruby embed in the middle of its front cover, surrounded with a gold circle. Its projectile is a fireball. It has a shadow of a Pixel Gun User inside.


It deals high damage, has a moderate rate of fire, very low capacity, but no reloading, and average mobility.


  • This weapon is very good at tearing down heavy armored players since it has high damage.
  • Use it on close to medium ranges for a less complicated duel.
  • The statistics say this weapon has a very low fire rate although it fires fast for high damage weapons, possibly faster than the Solar Power Cannon and mixed with its two shot kill, it may be better than said weapon.
  • Conserve as much ammunition as possible due to its low capacity/
  • Go for the weakened players for better ammunition conserving and quicker kill registering.
  • Get better accessories that allow you to jump higher, so that you can jump right on top of the player and throw fireballs at them.
  • If you meet a player who has the weapon, watch your head, players could jump over you and kill you with it.
  • It's recommended to use with the Electro Blast Rifle, switch between both weapons while firing for best results.
  • Take advantage of the weapon's Burning attribute on players, since the enemy will be damaged overtime if attacked.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • As it has slow moving projectiles, it is easy to dodge at long ranges. The easiest way to kill the user is to use a long range weapon, preferably a Sniper.
  • Use the weapon yourself, as in catching a hacker with a hacker.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Bring a Sniper weapon for long range encounters.


  • It was given the Burning attribute in the 11.1.0 update.
  • Although this weapon is pretty rare to find in battle, this weapon is still a 2-3 shot kill weapon with strong burning and a fast bullet travel.
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