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For the trail, see Firecrackers (Trail).

The Firecrackers is a Tools gadget introduced in the 11.4.0 update.


In each Firecracker, it is a tiny orange bomb that indicates a gray fuse, a gold top, four golden stripes, the Chinese symbol/character '火' (meaning 'fire') and the rest of it is redish-orange. A small fire is burning on the gray fuse.

A player holding the Firecrackers in the Armory.


It is a series of dangerously explosive firecrackers that get consecutively dropped onto the ground upon use. After a Firecracker is released it will implode after 2 seconds dealing low damage to enemies within it's radius. When you or your allies come in contact with them you or your allies may end up rocket jumping due to the explosion.

After use, the user must wait a cooldown lasting from 38-26 seconds depending on the gadget's efficiency before he/she can use it again.



  • Activate this gadget when you find an enemy player, try running and dodging while the firecrackers drop.
  • Use this in close to medium range.
  • Use this against weakened players.
  • Pair this with the Pew Blaster to turn enemies into beetles then finish them off easily with your Firecrackers instantly.
  • Due to it being a Contact Detonator, use this as a disadvantage to enemy players from the ability to shoot with non-wall break weapons.
  • Using these while being chased is a good way of killing enemies or keeping them at a distance long enough for you to escape them.
  • Use them in narrow hallways, where it is harder to escape the firecrackers.


  • When you see a Firecracker, try jumping up and quickly move away.
  • Kill the player that is trying to deploy Firecrackers.
  • Simply don't follow enemies if you notice them dropping Firecrackers.
  • Pick off users from a distance to avoid getting blown up by the Firecrackers.



Cooldown Time
Initial Tier 38 Seconds 8 Seconds
Tier 1 37 Seconds 8 Seconds
Tier 2 36 Seconds 9 Seconds
Tier 3 35 Seconds 9 Seconds
Tier 4 34 Seconds 10 Seconds
Tier 5 33 Seconds 10 Seconds
Tier 6 32 Seconds 12 Seconds
Tier 7 31 Seconds 12 Seconds
Tier 8 30 Seconds 15 Seconds
Tier 9 29 Seconds 16 Seconds
Tier 10 28 Seconds 17 Seconds
Tier 11 27 Seconds 18 Seconds
Final Tier 26 Seconds 20 Seconds


  • Contrary to common belief, you do not throw the firecrackers. Instead, they get automatically dropped onto the ground.
  • Firecrackers in real life are significantly less dangerous than this gadget.
  • In the full info, it displays one Firecracker, while the Armory and the gadget panel icon indicate a group of Firecrackers.

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