The Flash Drive Admin is a common enemy the player encounters in the Citadel (Campaign Level) map in campaign. It uses the Backup code weapon Flash Drive, as their character's name suggests.


They look like green newbies.They have glowing green eyes,a green suit,and dark green legs.They hold the Flash Drive in their right hand.


It will go up to the player and keep a certain distance, after coming close enough, it will shoot the player with the Flash Drive.


Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy Heart new Heart new
Medium Heart new Heart new
Hard Heart new Heart new


  • Keep a distance away from these enemies and shoot them with Antivirus,as they cannot hit you beyond a certain range.
  • Try to dodge their bullets,as they have travel time.
    • Running around the enemy helps you to dodge the projeciles.
  • They shoot bullets three at a time vertically,which means jumping up won't help you from taking damage.
  • Try to kill them while they're reloading.
  • Do not let them swarm you as they can deal a lot of damage.


  • Unlike the actual Flash Drive, this enemy shoots 3 bullets at once instead of being a semi-auto pistol
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