Not to be confused with the map Walking Fortresses.

The Fortress is a Base introduced in the 12.0.0 update.


It appears to be a medium-sized castle with a half-circle shaped doorway. On the top of the doorway, there is a stone version of the Lion pet, but with red eyes. It also has two torches placed symmetrically, along with two blue symbols, also placed symmetrically. It has 4 stone brick columns, and 3 windows on the right side. On the top floor, there are also 4 stone brick columns, along with 3 windows on the front side, and 2 on the right side. There is also a balcony.


It is used to greatly increase the chance of ignored damage.


Medieval themed.


  • For unknown reasons, bases like the Fortress cannot be removed.
  • It looks like an upgrade to the Castle.
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