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This content is exclusive to Pixel Gun 3D. It isn't in Pixel Gun World!
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Free Play is a Multiplayer mode introduced in the 20.0.0 update. It is a game mode where players can roam about the map to collect Secrets or kill other players. Similar to Battle Royale, your avatar is viewed in third person. You can team up with other players to join a Squad whilst in game. Players can also summon cars and ride other vehicles to help them travel across the map faster.


  • Play the same way you would in normal Battle Royale, except this: in this Battle Royale you have your own weapon loadout that you equipped in the Armory (PG3D) and you also respawn every time you die.
  • A Squad in Free play mode functions very similar to a Battle Royale squad. You can't damage Squadmates, and you can view their icons on the map as arrows, just like in Battle royale.
  • Summoning a car is similar to using a gadget, it has a cooldown before you can summon another one. Once summoned, it will appear on the nearest avalible parking.
    • If you summon a car and then abandon it, and then try to summon it again, it will actually just teleport your already existing car to you (if it is damaged, it is repaired.)
    • If you ride a car that someone else owns, and they try to summon it whilst you are in it, the car will just disapear with the message "The car has been recalled by the owner"
  • Keep on the watch for Secrets. These are small question mark-shaped objects you can pick up in hidden spots. Finding and collecting all 100 will give you the Secret Explorer vehicle as a reward (or 200 gems if you already owned the vehicle before the release of New-Blockcisco).
  • Sniper weapons that fire solid bullets (e.g. Last Hope, Third Eye, Heavy Sniper Rifle) have a slight travel time in this mode. Laser weapons retain instant travel time. Be sure to keep this in mind when selecting weapons.


  • Keep in mind that Exoskeleton-related weapons (e.g. Storm Trooper Exoskeleton, Demolition Exoskeleton, Super-Mega-Expedition-Tool, Storm of All Seas) and the Portal Cannon are not available in this mode.
    • Likely, the reason that Exoskeleton weapons are not allowed is because the player model in Free play is different than in regular modes, and Exoskeletons don't fit the current model.
  • There is only one map.
    • It is the same as the Battle Royale map, Mainland (in old versions).
      • However a few tweaks have been made to hide secrets.
    • There is small fall damage if you fall a short distance, but for high elevation falls, your Glider and Trail will automatically equip, negating any fall damage.
  • Upon getting first place in a term, the player will receive 5 Coin.png and 10 Exp.
  • For some reason, cars are excessively glitchy in this mode.
  • The map formerly resembled the Battle Royale map "Mainland", but has since been updated.