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A bullet is made of neo-steel, forged in ice fire. It ignores any cover and armor. Oh, yeah, it also has a tremendous slow effect!

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Frost Shot is a Sniper weapon introduced 15.7.0 update with the Christmas Invasion Battle Pass.


It is an ice-themed sniper rifle that shoots light blue laser beams. It deals a good amount of damage, has a decent capacity, decent fire rate for its damage, and low mobility. This weapon can kill an enemy in 2 headshots or 3 bodyshots (Excluding modules)


This weapon features a light and dark blue body, a blue trigger, a skeleton stock, a grey handle, a rather wide scope, a light sky blue canister as the magazine, and a barrel that retracts into the gun when fired.


This weapon shoots light blue laser beams with instant bullet travel time. When fired, it gives off snowflake particles. These bullets can break through walls, dealing damage on opponent(s) behind walls if lucky. These bullets can slow down players. Moreover, this weapon possesses an 8x zoom optic sight which allows it to fight for longer ranges.

When reloading, the player takes out the magazine and replaces it with another one. It has both input and output delay which means it receives a delay from output delay weapons and gives delay to input delay weapons.



  • This weapon has the wall break attribute. Utilize this when peeking through tight spots.
  • The 8x zoom can be useful in many situations.
  • This weapon is somewhat accurate even without the scope.
  • Engage enemies at long ranges.
  • Aim well to conserve ammo.
  • This combined with sniper cape, hunter’s altar, and burning tiara could make it a one headshot


  • Use a faster firing weapon against these users.
  • Strafe, as this will make the user use up their ammo.
  • Catch them off-guard by sneaking up behind them and eliminating them with a melee or other powerful close-range weapon, such as the Triple Musket.
  • Area damage weapons can easily disorient its users.
  • Don't hide behind walls as in the weapon has wall break

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

This weapon pairs well with a good back-up, melee, or heavy.



  • Initial release.


  • This weapon formerly shared the same kill icon with the Cold Silence. The Cold Silence eventually received its own kill icon.


  • Damage increased by 26%.


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