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The Frozen Heart is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 20.0.0 update.


It is an ice dragon-like cannon that launches a powerful and super-punch like icicle that causes serious damage, acquainted with a slowing effect and replenishing your health with a very powerful Lifesteal.png. It deals great damage, has an average fire rate when in regard of rocket weapons, and has a mediocre mobility.


It appears to be a spiritual/primal themed weapon, hence the glowing skull powered by an eye as a trigger. The Frozen Heart's overall appearance seems to be encircled in a demonic aura, with icy spikes and fangs protruding from each side. It also has golden embroiders as a nice touch to top it all off. The firing style seems to be quite quaint, nothing special, but the looks of it certainty make up for it.


When the fire button was pressed, the user launches an icicle that has a fast travel time. Upon impact, it causes a big explosion that any enemies caught by it will take lots of damage, slow down, and the user's health will be restored. When reloading, the user pulls out the magazine that makes a wind-like sound and puts it back in similar to Bedivere's reload animation.

It has Fixed Delay. This means that once the player switches from any weapon to this weapon, the Frozen Heart will always have a pull-up time lasting around half of a second.



  • Use ammo wisely as you will start off with 6 ammo stored for you to reload, and ammo pickups will only give you 3 ammo.
    • Because of this it is recommended to search for as much ammo pickups as possible.
  • Use its Lifesteal.png attribute to gain more health to survive longer whenever your armor is down.
  • Never use this for long range due to the weapon having a projectile travel time. However, its travel time is fast enough to be effective for medium range combat.
  • Use this weapon to finish of fleeing enemies or slowing down enemies using high mobility weapons such as Double Cashback or Dark Force Saber.
  • Use this for crowd control due to its large area damage.
  • You can rocket jump with this weapon, but you will take damage also. Make sure to jump before you shoot the ground instead of jumping and shooting at the same time as it will result to you causing yourself a slow effect.
  • If your opponent is spamming jump button, only shoot when he lands on the ground. The vertical area damage of this weapon is small, so you cannot shoot the ground of the enemy while they are jumping.
  • Deal direct hit damage, as doing so will deal huge amounts of damage that results in a OHKO on most armors. This will also depend on your modules and wear.
  • Use the slows the target effect to slow enemies.
    • In high level matches, after slowing the enemy, switch to a high damage sniper or Ultimatum etc to finish the opponent off. You can get killed after slowing the enemy when waiting for it to fire the next shot as it has a slow fire rate.


  • Pick off the user at long range.
  • Area damage weapons and shotguns make quick work of users.
  • Strafe while jumping to avoid getting hit.
    • If you get hit by it, rocket jump away as you will have a short chance of survival if not reacted quickly due to its slow down target attribute.
  • Flank around the user then use a melee weapon to deal quick damage and then pull back.
  • Try wasting the ammo of the user, leaving them vulnerable from an attack when they are reloading.
  • If the user is close to you, you will have two choices to react quickly; either finish the user off with a powerful shotgun or rocket jump away.


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Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Try having a weapon that is decently good at long-ranges. Sniper weapons would be ideal but also try keeping a weapon with either a fast reload or a high ammo capacity, just in case this weapon runs out of ammo.


  • Initial Release


  • Its reload animation is similar to that of the Bedivere.
  • This, Destruction System, Submarine Drone Station and Royal Ashbringer are the only weapons not to replenish your entire ammo supply.
  • It is one the best weapons to use in block crash along with Dislike due to consecutive explosion heavies being removed from that mode.
  • The name 'Frozen Heart' may be a reference to the events of the Disney movie Frozen.

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