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Gadget Factory is a Multiplayer Map added in the 17.5.0 update.


There are two foyers acting as the part of the spawn rooms for each team. In the blue team's spawn, there is a back room containing a small storehouse with crates and shelves of gadgets. In the red team's spawn, there is an R&D lab containing a computer lab and gadgets. Like Toy Factory, it features the main room where conveyor belts and crates containing various gadgets are being manufactured and shipped into containers. In addition to this there is a large mechanical yellow chick being put together in the middle of the main room. The main room also has an upper balcony section which acts as the supervisor's area overlooking the main room.

The side rooms contain large conveyor belts with hazards such as presses and saw blades which will kill any player that comes into contact.

Throughout the map, there are pictures of various gadgets that were introduced in the new update, such as the Combat Spinner.


Since this map is a remodel, any strategy used in Toy Factory can also be used here, some examples are:

  • Take out players using Sniper weapons from the balcony near the team's spawn.
  • Deploy Turrets and throw Nuclear Grenades at the spawn of the other team.
  • Be careful that the corridors to the other side of the map are dangerous if you do not retreat or go quickly. Not being careful will result in death, as it is pretty easy to die against these hazards


  • This map is based on actual in-game gadgets and the Easter holiday.
  • The large chicken robot in the center of the map is a giant, under construction version of the Chick 01 pet.
  • Frag Grenades, Smile Mines, Jetpacks and other gadgets are seen being under production in this map.
  • This map is the second remodel of the Toy Factory (the first happening in 2019 with the addition of certain props), but rather one of the biggest map remodels that have happened in the history of the game. This is because the entire map theme has been changed and this map was even renamed from "Toy Factory" to "Gadget Factory".
  • This is a remapped version of the Toy Factory.


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