The Galahad is a Backup weapon introduced in the 17.0.0 update. It is one of the 6 weapons in the Steel Division Clan Set.


Galahad is one of the steel clan division weapons that shoots out red and blue projectiles. It does high damage with a pretty high fire rate, low capacity and decent mobility. At max level, it is capable of 2-3 shot kills to the body depending on the critical hit,


It has a white/yellow body with a grey pistol grip, a pair of floating yellow sight, and a large yellow spike protruding from the front.


Whenever the gun is fired, the "mouth" of the gun will spread a little bit and the bullet will come out and then the "mouth" come back to its original state. It has travel time and bullet spread which makes it hard to aim at moving targets.

When the gun needs to reload, the "mouth" of the weapon will open and the player will take the yellow spike out and replace it with a new one and finally, the "mouth" will close up like normal. 

It has a fixed delay, so it needs a little bit of pullout time before shooting.



  • Aim for the head to maximize efficiency.
  • Save your ammo and conserve it. Even with this weapon's fire rate, you'll burn through your ammo very quickly if you spray and pray.
  • The Critical Damage attribute allows for a 50% chance of dealing double the damage, making this weapon a potential 1 - 2 burst-shot kill.
  • Try to stay away from open spaces and look out for snipers.
  • Its projectiles are not the fastest, meaning that compensating for distance when a target is moving is recommended.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Area damage and shotguns make quick work of users.
  • Strafe while jumping to minimize the damage from the weapon.
  • Like most Backup weapons, being at farther ranges is effective for minimizing the chances of being hit.
  • Flank around the user then use a Melee weapon to deal quick damage and then pull back.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

This weapon can be used as a general purpose Backup weapon for any player or playstyle.



  • Initial release

17.7.2 Damage increased by 11%


  • Like most weapons obtained from Steel Division, the weapon is named after Galahad; one of the Knights of the Round Table.
  • Like all Clan weapons after the 17.00 Update it has a unique crosshair.
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