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The Geri & Freki is a Melee weapon introduced in the 21.0.0 update.


It is a viking/warlike themed Melee weapon of the Mythical Grade and is obtainable via Event Set.


It is a double sided Melee weapon that uses both sides to attack. This melee appears to like like a double sided axe that looks similar to the axe used to create the Viking.


It deals high damage and has an average mobility. After 2 hits, the SuperPunch.png is activated and the following hit will deal increased damage.

This weapon Fixed Delay, meaning that every time a player switches to this there is a short pull-out animation lasting around half a second.



  • Like all melee weapons, use this in close range to maximize efficiency.
  • Equip the Berserk Boots and Berserk Cape to maximize this weapons mobility.
  • Sneak up behind the enemy then attack him/her with it.
  • Use this weapon at close quarters engagements, because this is a weapon that requires being up close to the target.
  • Attack the head for maximum damage.
  • Strafe around enemies while holding down the melee button to maximize the efficiency and lethality of the weapon.
  • Use the weapon against weaker opponents when low on health to capitalize on the Lifesteal.png attribute.
  • The Bleeding.png attribute is useful for dealing additional damage to enemies over time.


  • Pick off its user(s) from long ranges.
  • Use the Reflector (gadget) so he will be less interested in hitting you.
  • Area damage and shotgun weapons decimate its users.
  • When caught in a melee battle, try striking the user first, backpedal, then strike again until the user dies.
  • Stay out of range from a user of this weapon to prevent taking damage. Try engaging the user with a Primary weapon at medium range.
  • Use a weapon with high damage or a weapon with a fast fire rate to overwhelm the weapon's healing abilities.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Have a sniper for long range such as the Anti-Champion Rifle, and have a primary for medium ranges such as the Hellraiser.



  • Initial Release


  • It is the first double sided melee to use both sides in attacking.
  • It is a reference to Geri and Freki, the two wolves of Odin in Norse Mythology.
  • The super punch unlike most melees is not area damage but a strong combo like attack instead.

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