The Giant Grunt Zombie is an enemy in an early version of the game, along with the Grunt Zombie.


Like the Grunt Zombie, it is a light green zombie with yellow eyes and a triangular mouth, as if its lower jaw melted.

It wears some dark gray cloth near its wrists. It also wears ripped blue shorts and large dark gray shoes. The only difference between both enemies is that the Giant Grunt Zombie is 3 times larger, no feet nor chest so it has never been changed for 7 years.


It will slowly approach the player, and deal moderate damage.



  • Use a high damaging weapon like One Shot or Circus Cannon to kill it very easily.
  • Pets make great distractions for these foes, especially air pets such as the Phoenix, so attack while they are distracted by a pet.
  • If you cannot escape from this foe, try insta-killing it or use a Stealth Bracelet to make you invisible to the enemies.
  • These enemies are incredibly large and so they do not require precise aiming skills to take out.
  • Surprisingly for its size, it does not have a lot of health. Along with its large hitbox little effort is required to kill it.
  • Heavy weapons can easily destroy them, especially when they crowd you.
  • Drain it's health in a matter of seconds using an automatic weapon such as the Automatic Peacemaker.


  • It looks exactly the same as the Grunt Zombie except for its size.
  • Formerly, this, along with the Grunt Zombie, were exclusive in Deadly Arena. Now, only the Giant Grunt Zombies appear in Arena.
  • There is currently a glitch where the player can climb on top of the Giant Grunt Zombie's head, much like how the Pharaoh Golem can climb the large statue in Desert. However, it is still capable of hitting you and inflicting damage.
  • This, along with the Grunt Zombie, were removed early in the game's development.
    • However, in the 12.0.0 update, they only brought back the Giant Grunt Zombie and made it appear in wave 9 and up in Arena.
  • This was one of the first enemies to be introduced to the game.
  • This was originally called the Giant Weird Zombie, but it was later changed to Giant Grunt Zombie.
  • The only Monster to never have its model change after 7 years, its model is a Minecraft player


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