Dodge obstacles and collect checkpoints. The player with the most points and finished first wins.

—Mode Rules

Glider Rush is a Minigame introduced in the 16.1.0 update.

How to Play

4 players must fly down a mountainside, dodging obstacles such as rock formations, icicles, and trees while reaching checkpoints in the form of rings. Normal checkpoints give 150 points. Super checkpoints give 300 points. The farther the player glides, the more points they will accumulate. The player with the most amount of points wins.


There is currently only one map, which is Glider Rush.


  • Using high-status gliders like Leader's Glider can give you a higher chance of winning.
  • Try to memorize the location of key checkpoints, or even better, super checkpoints. This will make access to these checkpoints easier, which can easily grant victories.
  • Always try your best to go into checkpoints, as they grant a considerable amount of extra points.
  • Alternatively, fly at the top of the map, where there are minimal obstacles, allowing you to travel further.
    • Bear in mind that flying higher reduces the flying speed,also there aren't many checkpoints an the top of the map so do this at your own risk.


  • There is a typo in the word "checkpoint", as they are named "Chekpoint", or "Super Chekpoint".
  • The soundtrack for this game mode is the same as the one in one of the Cyber Brawls random soundtracks.
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