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The Goo Substance Rifle is a Primary weapon introduced in the 18.2.0 update.


It is a sci-fi themed rifle that shoots a black goo substance. It has a fast fire rate, decent capacity, and rather low mobility.


It is a gray, gray-blue, and orange rifle that has a short stock, display screen, and a canister, which is filled with a black, gooey substance that appears to be sentient and is used as ammunition for the gun.


This rifle fires the sentient goo that pierces through opponents, allowing you to hit multiple enemies at once. This also deals Area Damage and has a hidden poison effect. Anybody killed by this weapon will explode, damaging anybody in a radius around them.

It has Fixed Delay. This means that once the player switches from any weapon to this weapon, the Goo Substance Rifle will always have a pull-up delay lasting around half of a second.



  • Shoot at lined-up enemies (E.g in long corridors) to make use of its Piercing Shots.
  • Kill enemies in a group to make use of its Killed Target Explodes attribute.
  • Due to it's fast Fire Rate, it's very suitable for finishing off weakened players at close range.
  • Aim in the Head to increase the weapon damage and kill the enemy more fast.
  • This weapon has 35 Bullets per Stock so its recomended to recharge when you have 20 or less bulltes left to have the weapon already recharged and kill the enemy with any problems
  • Try to Hide on a place while recharging the gun (if theres a group of enemies) to have more health than the group or the enemy and to have the stock completed to kill the enemy.
  • Try to use another weapon if you are trying to kill an 3cat spammer cause their movement speed is fast and this gun looks like this has travel time, cause this weapon will not very effective with they.


  • In Team Fight, avoid standing in groups or lines if unnecessary as the whole team might be decimated in seconds by this gun.

Recommended Maps

Pool Party (PG3D)

Silent School

Treasury (Map)

Classic Pool

Spooky Theme Park


Christmas Dinner

Equipment Setups



  • Initial release


  • When viewing this gun in the armory or in a match, the eyes that belong to the black goo substance blink occasionally.
  • The black bullets that this weapon shoots are similar to the Sharp-Eyed Courier's.
    • In fact, this weapon has several similarities to Sharp-Eyed Courier, as both have a small projectile travel time.
    • This weapon would be considered a bio mechanical weapon due it having biological components.
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