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Gordon is the said inventor of the Prototype.


By the drawing, it is a pixelated man with short hair, a pair of glasses and a lab coat. Since Gordon is confirmed exclusively as a drawing, there is no confirmed appearance with his colors.

However, with the Scientist skin, it could be Gordon himself. But, it is left unconfirmed if the Scientist skin is Gordon or not.


On his research, he and his team discovered a portal-creating element (unofficially named 'portal crystal'), which they found fascinating and somehow weaponized it, and the Prototype was born in Area 52.

His fate was unknown during the outbreak, where Newbie possibly found one of his remaining research team members, who was the unnamed Scientist.


The Scientist skin, presumably Gordon himself.

  • Gordon's storyis on the Pixel Gun Forums, which was officially made and presumably drawn by one of the developers.
    • As the forums were downed with PGW, his story was explained above this section.
  • His story may be based on Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series. Where Gordon Freeman ripped a portal open leading to another dimension, while Gordon simply found a portal-creating element and weaponized it.
  • He is the only character who isn't shown in both Pixel Gun games. It is also unknown if he is truly confirmed by the Pixel Gun Company's staff members since not much is known about him.
  • The Scientist skin found in the wear section of PG3D's skins was possibly him.
  • His 'portal crystal' discovery can be found in one of the team's spawn in Area 52 Labs.
  • The Prototype S could possibly be a later model of the Prototype.

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