The different grades between shotguns

The Grades System is a system introduced in the 11.0.0 update. It indicates how common or rare a weapon is, by possession, not by gameplay. However, this system only applies to pets, as many Legendary and Mythical weapons are overused. Instead, the grading system for the weapons is more to how powerful it is compared to most other weapons.

Grades (Weapons)

The grading system for weapons mostly represents how powerful it is or how useful it is.


  • Weapons this grade is the lowest and the most underpowered and mediocre weapons of the other grades. Although there are some weapons in this category with decent statistics, these weapons would only be used in lower levels.


  • Weapons with this grade are usually weapons with either useful/tactical functions and average statistics. However, in high levels, these weapons are below-average. Around the 16.0.0 update, the Uncommon grade was removed and all purchasable weapons (including Common and Uncommon blueprint weapons) were moved up to the Rare grade. However there is a glitch that could see your weapon be moved to Common grade.


  • Weapons with this weapon are usually decent, have some limited functions, and have average statistics. These weapons are rarely seen at higher levels, and only used as cheaper options. However, upgrading some Rare weapons to Epic or Legendary can greatly boost their performance.


  • Weapons with this grade are usually weapons with decently high and mildly powerful statistics. These weapons are fairly good at high levels and some Epic weapons can perform better than Legendary ones.


  • Weapons with this grade are usually very powerful and perhaps overpowered (OP) weapons. These weapons are perhaps the best weapons at high levels since they are often more accessible than the Mythical ones.


  • Weapons with this grade are usually insanely powerful and have multiple abilities, but also is expensive or hard to obtain. Mostly, these weapons have extravagant designs and show a player’s class. These weapons will last you through the whole game, and there usually isn't a need to upgrade to a better gun.
Max Efficiency by Grades in the 17.0.0 Update
Weapon Grade Maxes Gem.png for improving grade
Common (Starters) 233 Efficiency N/A
Rare 333 Efficiency 60
Epic 354 Efficiency 150
Legendary 399 Efficiency 550
Mythical 423 Efficiency 1,200
Weapon Grade Gem.png Needed to max the weapon per grade(based on level 65)
Common 35
Rare 65
Epic 100
Legendary 145
Mythical 220 (varies)

Grades (Pets)


  • Pets with this grade are usually the pets with the lowest base statistics and are the most common pets to obtain.


  • Pets with this grade are usually the pets with mediocre base statistics and are one of the most common pets to obtain. This grade was soon removed in the 18.2 Update


  • Pets with this grade are usually the pets with decent base statistics and are somewhat common pets to obtain.


  • Pets with this grade are usually the pets with good base statistics and aren't very common pets to obtain.


  • Pets with this grade are usually the pets with great base statistics and are rare pets to obtain.


  • Pets with this grade are usually the pets with the highest base statistics and are the rarest pets to obtain, but is easy to obtain through the chest event.



  • Initial release.


  • The grades system now only applies to Pets and no longer applies to weapons.


  • The grades system was reverted to apply to both Pets and weapons.


  • Before this update, Mythical weapons were only obtainable from either Event Chests or from the Lucky Chest. As of this update, one can purchase these kinds of weapons. In addition to this, some can be crafted by collecting a certain amount of parts.


  • All Common and Uncommon weapons (excluding default weapons) have been changed to the Rare grade.


  • The Common and Uncommon weapons which were changed to the Rare grade were reverted.


  • The grades were reverted to the ones in 13.5.0, especially with the Photon Pistol, from Common to Epic. However, it only applies to Android devices.


  • Many removed weapons like the Crystal Mega Destroyer had a grade of Epic.
  • First, there was only one weapon that costs Coin.png or costs Gem.png, having a Mythical grade, while all Lucky Chest weapons did. The Mythical grade proves how rarely you obtained weapons from the Lucky Chest. In 13.0.0 update there are more mythical weapons from the clan chests. After the update any mythical weapons in the armory became Legendary. In Update 13.1.2 there are more guns added with mythical grades in the skin of Champion league.
  • Pets also have a grading system but the grading system to them is different. The rarity depends on eggs, not how much they cost.
  • Epic avatars or Battle Royale skins take 250 parts to craft, legendary takes 200 parts, and mythical Battle Royale skins or avatars take only 100 parts to craft.
  • Anyone who bought a Common weapon before 16.0.0 will have a 50/50 chance of either getting or not get their Common weapons upgraded to Rare.
    • There is no way to obtain a Common weapon other than the starter weapons.
  • Mythical weapons are undoubtedly the strongest weapons, worth approximately 50 USD.
    • There are a few mythical weapons, however, being extremely under-powered and weak even compared to Legendarys. An example of this would be the Poisonous Vine or the Sniper Cyber Module.
      • However before the price change (notably before 15.1.0 Update), obtaining an event Mythical weapon costs over 200 USD, marking the scar of P2W history.

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