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This content is exclusive to Pixel Gun World. It isn't in Pixel Gun 3D!
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The Grapple Gun is a Special weapon found in the Armory introduced in the 3.9.0 update. It can be exclusively found in Pixel Gun World.


The main of the gun is a dark grey, with blue trims here and there. The claw is almost entirely a light blue.


The Grapple Gun is a very hard weapon to use well. In fact, this weapon is not mainly intended for killing, yet instead, its main purpose is grappling from one spot to another.


  • Do not use this weapon as an offense weapon, as it has a different purpose: grappling.
  • Do not target far spots: you will waste 1 ammunition and will not be able to go to the spot.


  • If you can dodge a shot, the enemy will be pulled to the wall they hit. Use this opportunity to surprise attack him.





Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

A good sniper is very useful with this gun, as you can access new sniping camps.


  • If you rocket jump high enough, you can grapple the sky box.
  • If you eject the grapple to a far spot, it will not work, yet the word "MISS" appears after that.
  • There's a new version of this in Pixel Gun 3D called Pulling Sucker Gun released in the 16.4.0 update.
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