The Grunt Zombie is an enemy in the early version of the game, along with Giant Grunt Zombie.


Like the Giant Grunt Zombie, it is a light green zombie with yellow eyes and an elongated, triangle-shaped mouth. It wears some dark gray cloth near its wrists. It also wears ripped blue shorts and large dark gray shoes. The only difference between both enemies is that the Grunt Zombie is 3 times smaller.


This monster will quickly approach the player, and deal damage.



  • A larger version of this enemy exists. It is the Giant Grunt Zombie.
  • This, along with the Giant Grunt Zombie, appeared in one map: Deadly Arena.
    • The Giant Weird Zombie was brought back into the game, but the weird zombie remains removed.
  • This enemy is one of the first enemies to be introduced to the game.
  • This enemy greatly resembles the Servant Grunt from Amnesia: The Dark Descent.


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